Monday, 20 June 2016

Ideas for reducing stress…

Stress is a word that we hear a lot about, it’s definitely a ‘thing’. In the past, I have found myself thinking a lot about being stressed. Am I stressed or am I anxious? (fear of the future), is the problem internal (your mind has a gremlin in it), or is it external (work situations, family, people).

Being under pressure (a wee bit) can be quite a good thing, gives us a goal to work towards, keeps us off facebook, and gives us bouts of productivity. Its when pressure start to affect your diet, and sleep in a not so positive way that the pressure can feel like its building up…

Here are some ideas on how to change things around if you feel like you are on a hamster wheel.

Learn how to sleep better
Have a think about everything that impacts you getting a good nights sleep:

Crack open a window so your room is nice and cool
Buy yourself new pillows at least every 2 years…
Blackout blinds are a winner, especially at this time of the year
Switching off your computer at 9pm and not answering non urgent emails.
Not having your ipad or phone in your bedroom, so that your you don’t think you’re trying to sleep in The Deathstar… flashing lights everywhere from stuff charging!
Going to bed earlier and not watching Netflix…
Re thinking your sleep plan could be the best thing that ever happened to your next day at work!

Being organised in the morning
Getting up when the alarm goes off! This is a biggie, I am guilty as charged of hitting the snooze button… getting better all the time though!
I organise everything I need for the next day the night before, thought about what I’m wearing, got my lunch organised and in the fridge. Winner.

Getting out for a walk at lunchtime, listen to a comedy podcast whilst doing it! Getting outside when the weather is good is so important. Maybe try to got our for a walk when you get home from work instead of straight into ‘jammies on!’ mode..
Ride a bike
Make a plan to go somewhere new at the weekend…

Well I had to get this in somewhere!
Every client has an individual experience of how they feel after a proper massage. Comments range from ‘I feel like I have a new back’, to ‘I feel like a have an extra lung, and and I got a fantastic nights sleep last night’ What’s not to like?
Others have noticed that decision making is easier, and that they feel really productive and can concentrate better…

See your friends, make plans
Make a date to see friends instead of ‘sofa socialising’. There’s nothing quite like getting your girl/boy gang together and laughing, which is also another fantastic way to reduce stress. Having downtime and taking time out is also super important, especially if you are surrounded by people all day, but make sure you get a healthy balance, and don’t turn into Luke Skywalker secluded on your own planet. (not unless that’s what you want!)

For me, being organised is the number one de stresser for me, being on time, having a plan for my next day, having fun stuff in the diary to do. I would say that what I need to get better at is planning a day of…. Nothing… This was recently pointed out to me by a friend I have staying with me at the moment who asked me last night ‘do you ever just do… nothing?’ eh nope. Sounds nice though huh? I’ll report back.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and if you take away just one thing that makes an ickle improvement. Wonderful. Getting blackout blinds is also a winner if you have a cat… all the cat owners are now nodding their heads.

Be well.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Modern Day Meditation

Do you ever feel like you have hit the fast forward button?

I do. All the time!

Life can be busy.

Like you, there are many parts to me.

I am ever the creator.
I am sociable.
I am enthusiastic about learning. There is nothing I love more than to learn and then share this learning.
I love being active. Swimming, running and cycling are my things at the moment. Ultimate frisbee, basketball and hockey were my things in a previous life.
Relaxation is essential!
Cooking is fun.
Baths are important.
As are books in baths.
And watching Netflix, not in baths though.

When time is endless, the ‘me’ seamlessly enjoys each of these parts, and I get drawn into a go go go mentality. Like so many of you, however, I find this hard to sustain.

I reach saturation point.

My world begins to narrow.

And then I remember.


I use mindfulness.
I use massage.
I become active ... again.
I visit friends and family.
My energy returns and I potter once more.

Time is endless once more ... and then it’s not ... again?!


Ping. Beep. An attack of the blue flashing light.

I feel the need to be connected. It is an amazing thing and I would not be able to do my job without it.

But here’s the problem. When we leave work, technology is following close behind.

Like you, I often find myself losing time to technology. One moment and one question lead on to many others. And before I know it, several hours (really? Yes) have disappeared before my stingy eyes.

The solution? Modern day meditation.

Modern day meditation can take many forms.

In some moments, it can take the form of traditional meditation. It can be about sitting in a still room, becoming aware of the moment, of the room, of your thoughts, of your breathing, of sensations in your body.

The outcome? Clarity.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, here is a link to an audio file that you may find helpful:

In other moments, it can be something more intricate.

Stop. Just for one moment.

Become aware of the behaviour that you are choosing to do. Become aware of how that is making you feel.

Is there something else that would make you feel better in this moment?

Yes. Do that instead.

No. Please do continue.

We have a choice in life.

If life feels busy and time feels precious a lot of the time, there is a reason for this.

Perhaps we don’t consider the alternative and sometimes we just forget who we are.

This article may be helpful.

We have a choice.

In relation to technology, we can choose to use it meaningfully AND do all the other things.

Take some time to remember who you are and then remember to give yourself some time to choose.

Modern day meditation makes for more time in life. You should give it a go.

Written by Islay Innes - Massage Therapist at The Glasgow Treatment Rooms
Monday, 25 January 2016

The Wonderful World of Sleep

Ahhh sleep. A vital part of our lives and an integral component in the quest for good health. Most of us are aware of the importance of a good night's rest but do we REALLY appreciate the impact our quality of sleep can have on our physical and psychological health?

The average person will (or should at least aim to) spend 30% of their lives in bed.

Think about that. That's a long time!

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